• When it comes to restaurateurs on Nassau County’s North Shore, Gillis and George Poll have a commanding lead. The brothers own a string of winners, which “bring an urban sophistication to Long Island” and keep diners coming back to their restaurants week after week, night after night. Read More >>

    • For Gillis and George Poll, success has been a lifelong journey; one that has catapulted them to places they always imagined. The prolific brothers have taken Long Island by storm, and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. They are in the business of food, and have a knack of doing the common things uncommonly well. Read More >>

    • They don’t look alike, but you’d easily peg these two as brothers in a room of fifty guys. Partly because they share an imposing 6ft-plus stature and partly because they have the same manner of speech, but mainly because of some precious simpatico rarely found in other pairs, brothers or otherwise. Read More >>

    • Hendrick Onderdonk hosted George Washington here in 1790. George and Gillis Poll are ready for everybody right now. The Poll brothers have transformed what was the creaking George Washington Manor into the Gold Coast's newest playground, a savvy New American showcase to satisfy the highest-decibel diners. Read More >>

    • Hendrick Onderdonk hosted George Washington. George and Gillis Poll are ready for you. Hendrick's Tavern, the Polls' savvy successor to George Washington Manor across from the clock tower in Roslyn, is the newest Gold Coast playground. To say the place has been transformed and rebuilt is an understatement. It now looks both contemporary and traditional, citified and country-like. Read More >>

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Photo Credits

Food & Details: Jan Van Pak Photography
Cipollini Interiors: Carol Bates Photography
Toku & Hendricks Interiors: Ed Hueber / Arch Photo
Portrait of Gillis & George Poll: Rick Wenner Photography